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October 5, 2017
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October 5, 2017

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Why I need an ERP and How to Select Which One?

The most difficult thing in an organisation is to understand why we need an ERP and if so, which one to select. Change Management is always a challenge in Organisations. As an organisation, you need to list out all the challenges faced by individual department and understand the scope of the ERP. you need to prepare a statement why you need an ERP. once it is established, look for the options available and select the one which suites your statement the most.

Here are the most frequently asked questions

1Which ERP Suits my organisation the best?
First of all you need to list out all the points which influence a change in your company. Then evaluate the available options. Do market research, watch demos discuss with them and check for all feasibilities like functional, operational and commercial viability of the product in your company. Finally select the one which scores the maximum. Your ERP should fulfil all the bottlenecks and future plans of your company Discuss your roadmap with the ERP companies and evaluate their approach.
2Once I select the ERP, How to select the implementation Partner?
Once you select on the ERP, then selecting the partner is also a task for you. You need to check for the credibility, experience, market presence and industry knowledge of that particular partner. Discuss and attend demonstrations of partners and also evaluate the commercial propositions. Select the partners whose approach is realistic and logical. You should also understand the support models of the partners and check for any hidden clauses in the agreements. Try to keep as simple and transparent as possible
3What is the Success rate and how it is determined?
The success of an ERP implementation purely depends on the i approach you have taken towards the project. You and the implementation partner are equally responsible for the outcome of the project.ERP implementation requires high professionalism and commitment towards the project. this is a team effort rather than an individual contribution. Hence the success rate depends on you and your partner.
4What Care I Should take internally to implement it?
Once you decide to implement ERP solution, all the departments need to be involved from the initial meetings. they need to be explained the purpose and scope of the project. All the key people need to be involved in all phases of the implementation. Proper care need to be taken for the change management,. workshops should be conducted to explain the benefits of such an implementation to all the end users. need to align your core team with the implementation team
5How I get My ROI?
Return on Investment for any ERP implementation is indirect and subjective. It depends on the percentage of adaptability of the new system into your business processes. If the implementation is done to the level of satisfaction, then you can see the gain immediately. there are short term and long term gains in any ERP implementation. This can be discussed case to case basis.